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Want to get the celebrity eyebrows curve, but worried you might get it wrong?
Experiment with brow shaping, trusted to always come out as desired when handled by experts.
And enjoy the long-lasting look of a well carved brow.
30 AED
40 AED
Are you're completely tired of maintaining the brow each time? How about a one-time brow filling that could last up to 3 weeks?
Eyebrows Tint is a technique of coloring your brow and making your brow appear thicker and darker, and achieve a more defined eyebrows shape.
30 AED
40 AED
Wondering how girls get the eyebrows style you see on Instagram?
You have stood in the mirror and tried countless times to recreate same style but never got close to it.
Well, there are some non-invasive eyebrows styling techniques, that lets you style your brows in different sleek ways with the help of an expert.
Get styled!
200 AED
Architect brows
250 AED
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Browz FAQ
Does eyebrows threading hurt?
No, although they say beauty is pain, but eyebrows threading shouldn't normally hurt, it may give you an unfamiliar sensation but not outright pain, but if you feel nervous you can ask our threading technician to try it at the back of your hands first.
How long does it take for eyebrows hair to grow back after waxing or threading?
After eyebrows waxing, you can flaunt neatly shaped brows for at least 2-3 weeks.
I have thin hair, how do I grow my eyebrows hair naturally?
Sometimes we find ourselves in a state where we desperately need to double our brows hair, but will like to do it without causing further harm to your brows, here's some tips to try

  • Invest in a good eyebrows growth serum
  • Don't touch your tweezer
  • Handle your eyebrows with care, as much as you can visit the salon for a more professional groom.
  • Try our eyebrows lamination service…. you will be amazed at the transformed look you will get.
Is threading better than waxing?
Both methods of hair removal leave you with clean, well-shaped eyebrows, but threading is less painful than waxing.
    How long does brow tint last?
    Eyebrows tint can last for 2-3 weeks and when properly cared for could last longer, we will provide you tips on how to maintain your eyebrows tint before you leave the salon.
    How do I get my unruly brows to sit in place?
    Sometimes your well behaved brows can become unruly, no matter how hard you try to make it lie smooth it keeps standing like a national flag. Here's some helping tips

    • Brush the brow hair straight up and trim the too long hairs.
    • Use a tinted eyebrows gel to brush through the brows to hold the unruly hair in place.
    • Consider getting a professional eyebrows grooming…. Brow Lamination is your best bet.
    What should I stay away from after having my eyebrows waxed?
    A professional eyebrow was doesn't only keep your brows shaped and styled but transforms your entire face, and of course you will want to keep this transformation for longer before investing again, keep your brows for longer with this tip

    • Avoid using makeup cleansers on your eyebrows area
    • Avoid exfoliating the brow area
    • Strictly follow the instructions our stylist gave you
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