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Special Style
Hair treatment
Looking to excite your hair, and add a little spice? Or do you desire just a subtle change to refresh your current hair color and improve your mood?
We've got you covered. Let's meet and create a look for you to shine within your environment!
Full Hair Color
from 250 AED
Roots Color
220 AED
Color Rinse
from 150 AED
Full Highlights
500 AED
Half Highlights
300 AED
Ombré, Balayage
400 AED
Hair Bleaching
from 150 AED
Are you ready to go for a major chop, or a simple trim to refresh your look? But desire to get it neatly done with much precision?
You need to work with professionals that value attention to details.
From a simple cut style, to a flawless, trendy trim, we carefully create a style that suits your face and compliments your personality.
140 AED
Haircut Makeover
230 AED
Hair Trim
100 AED
Fringe Cut
50 AED
Increase the volume, achieve sleek and fabulous styles you desire within minutes. Without any cut or treatments, just a simple blow dry. No jokes, сome and try!
Blow dry (short)
80 AED
Blow dry (medium)
100 AED
Blow dry (long)
120 AED
Blow dry (x-long)
160 AED
Half Blow dry
60 AED
Add on (styling with iron)
25 AED
Special occasion calls for a special hairstyle, right?
A fabulous style to walk down the aisle with your prince charming, a simple special style for a romantic dinner or an elegant, playful hairstyle for a vacation.
The little extra charm you need comes from your hairstyle more than anything else.
Let's choose a special hairstyle that brings out your mood.
Special event up style
from 200 AED
Styling & Blow dry (short)
120 AED
Styling &Blow dry (medium)
150 AED
Styling Blow dry (long)
200 AED
70 AED
Braids with extension
from 150 AED
Go from dry, brittle hair to shiny and smooth.
Breath refreshment and restore life to a damaged hair with quality hair treatment products.
Choose the right treatment, and boost your confidence with silky, healthy, bouncy hair.
L'Oréal Pro fiber
230 AED
Olaplex treatment
150 AED
Add on color Olaplex
100 AED
Davines Hair & Scalp treatment
from 100 AED
Protein treatment
from 850 AED
Keratin treatment
from 850 AED
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Hair FAQ
Do you offer free hair advice?
Yes, we know the importance of getting valuable advice to help you choose what is best for you, our expert stylists are available to offer you free hair consultation, and you don't need to book an appointment before getting our free hair advice.
What if I don't like my hair?
We won't let you step out of our salon disappointed, if you don't like the end result of your hairstyle kindly mention this to our stylist and we will do anything possible to fix it and make you happy.
Can I wash my hair after a color service?
Yes, but ensure you use a color care shampoo to avoid reducing the shine and durability of your hair color. We also recommend washing your hair not earlier than 3 days after the color procedure.
Should I wash my hair before a color treatment?
Yes, and No.

No for blonds - The natural oils will help protect the scalp from being agitated from the lightener, so if you are blond or want to go lighter - dont wash your hair before coloring.

Yes, for other coloring - fresh hair will color better with more even results
    What makes professional products better?
    Professional products contain highly concentrated and high grade ingredients that produce higher quality results and make it possible to last longer.
    Can I bring pictures of the hairstyle I want?
    Yes, you can, even though our stylist can easily grasp the style when you simply explain it, but bringing a picture helps us get a clear idea of what you want, then we can twist to suit your skin color, facial features and personality. We also have a hair catalogue in the salon for you to choose from.
    Do you do ombre and balayage?
    Yes, we understand the technique behind the two hair coloring styles, and we will help you achieve the style that best suits you.
    What is the difference between ombre and balayage?
    Both hair coloring techniques look almost the same, but balayage involves applying color through your hair to give it a sun kissed look, while ombre bleaches all the hair in the bottom with a lighter shade than the roots.
    What is included in the price of a haircut and is it different if I just get a trim?
    If you're having a haircut, a stylist will wash your hair, refresh your haircut shape, and blow-dry your hair with brushes straight or curly (45-60 min). When you are getting just a trim you get washing + trimming of dry ends + just casual dry (30 mins).
    What is makeover haircut?
    We love to see the warm smiles and answer funny questions from kids, but for safety reasons we recommend you don't come with kids.
    What is makeover haircut?
    It is your new look, beautiful! If you want to go for a change – this service is for you! It could be new layers or shorter length.
    Our stylist will start with the consultation, and give you some advices on what you should go with. Once all set, she will wash your hair, create a new haircut shape, and blow-dry your hair with brushes straight or curly (60 - 90 min).
    Is blow dry added to the price of hair coloring?
    Yes, blow dry is included in the price of the hair coloring, you don't have to pay an extra fee to blow dry your hair with brushes.
    However, if you would like to add a styling touch using straight or curly iron, and keep the blow dry last longer - there is a small charge for that. Simply, because it would take extra time for the stylist to complete the service, then usually.
    I colored my hair at home and don't like the result, what should I do?
    Hair coloring may come out worse than you expected, especially when you are not assisted by an expert, but take a deep breath and try these few tips.

    • Get a hair coloring removal that will help restore your original shade without causing more harm (some of them actually do cause more damage).

    • Try rinsing immediately, wash with a shampoo and rinse for 15mins or more.

    • Quickly visit a salon that has hair coloring experts to correct and rehab your hair, we understand that hair coloring oops happens from time to time and we have trained experts that know exactly what to do.

    For emergency cases we would do our best to accommodate you ASAP.
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