Fast and comfortable
Private and neat waxing room
No double dipping
No unwanted hairs left
Disposable materials
Refund on any skin injury
Brands we are working with
Put down the razor! Wave goodbye to cuts and bumps.
Embrace the smooth, sexy, hair free look of a neatly waxed skin.
Enjoy full privacy, relax and pamper your skin to a neat, gentle hair removal with no cuts, bruise or bump.
Full Body
310 AED
Bikini Line
30 AED
100 AED
Full Legs
100 AED
Half Legs
70 AED
Under Arms
40 AED
Full Arm
85 AED
Half Arms
60 AED
Full Face
100 AED
Half Face
50 AED
Upper Lip
15 AED
15 AED
30 AED
Will you love to remove unwanted hairs from your face and reveal a smooth hair free skin, or simply shape up your eyebrows?
But you are really worried about the pain that comes from hair removal procedures.
Why not try Threading, an easy, less painful hair removal method that lives your face smooth, eyebrows shaped and all unwanted hairs gone.
Full face
80 AED
Half face
40 AED
30 AED
20 AED
Upper lip
15 AED
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Waxing FAQ
Will my hair grow back darker or thicker?
No, in fact hair waxing makes your hair sparse, this is because properly waxed hair is removed from the root, so when a new hair starts to grow it is a fine, soft hair.
Can I get waxed if I'm pregnant?
Waxing is considered safe when pregnant, and during pregnancy hormonal increase could cause increase in hair growth, making it necessary to wax.
What should I wear the day of my visit?
It's better to wear loose, comfy clothes so you can reduce irritation in the waxed area and feel comfortable after waxing.
Can I hit the gym immediately after getting waxed?
We advise you to wait for a short period, often 24-48 hours before engaging in any form of workout to avoid infection.
Aunt flo came visiting, can I still get waxed?
Yes. During period your skin becomes more sensitive, but you can still wax any parts of your body apart from the bikini zone.
    What's the difference between bikini line wax and full bikini wax?
    Bikini waxing only removes the hairs that are visible on the bikini area, while Brazilian wax fully removes all the hair in the genital area, both waxing methods should be handled by a professional.
    Does waxing hurt?
    Yes, waxing is not a walk in the park, it hurts, especially if you are getting it done for the first time, but the pain is not unbearable, and the joy that comes from having a smooth, sexy, hair free skin over throws the pain.
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